Agriculture Education in India –

Agriculture Education has the Priority in Indian Education System. It has the great history and development. This department may increase the agriculture business in India. In India mostly people are depending on the Agriculture. These education subject may develop the quality of the Agriculture system. In 1907 British Government had established the first Agriculture Education system in India. After getting the Independence of India Politicians are given importance to the Agriculture Education System. But these Agriculture education system not has developing that much by comparing the previous years achievements. The Department of Agriculture Research and Education official website Here is the details of the formation of the Agriculture system from the starting days to present days.

Agriculture Education in India

India has the more than 30000 scientists in this field. More than 100 national research centers are established in India. And about 60 Agriculture Universities are placed. By the year 1968 India has the 90 colleges under the six Agriculture Universities. More than 13000 students was studied. But in China Only 400 students were in the Agriculture education. Japan also has the same number of students in their agriculture system. But today days china has the better development than Indian in Agriculture education.

From the year 1990 India get down in this education due to the lack of staff in the colleges and financial problems facing for the new developments and researches. Not much support giving from the Indian Government for this field. This cause effected this Agriculture Education. India has the great history but its not continued to the future Government had to take the Agriculture education development and allocating the related equipment to the Agriculture education.


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